Pest Control & Disinfectant Solutions

Protect Your Home

Feel safe and comfortable again by ridding your home of those nasty bugs and rodents.

Protect Your Food

Pests love to get in your cabinets and eat just as much as you do!

Protect Your Health

With our disinfectant solutions, you can also protect yourself from viruses and sicknesses.

The Pest Pro Process

See why we are one of Florida’s top Pest Control Companies.
Evaluate Needs

We ensure the needs of your home or business are addressed head on.

Target Pests

Our solutions to fix your pest problems are specific and strategic to get results.

Treatment Routine

Several visits are required so we routinely treat to eliminate the return of pests.

Professional Servicing

Our Pest Pro Process is designed to get the job done right and nothing less.

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Read why we are one of Florida’s top Pest Control Companies.
Luis Sosa

“Excellent customer service. Works around my schedule and is very punctual. Haven’t seen a bug since! Moe is the best!”

Rivky Meyer

“Our family has been a customer of Pest Pro Services for several years. Moe arrives to our home as scheduled,  knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. It is great doing business with this company. They are the best!”

Maria Antonieta Rojas

“PestPro has been providing the pest control to my place and I can see the difference! They took control of the plague that I used to have and also they ensure every time they come for the monthly treatment to review every corner inside and outside of my place! I highly recommend Them for your house or apartment!!”

Credibility With Potential

Join the oveer 5000 customers who are actively using Pest pro and enjoy our top-notch service rendering.


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