It is normal to have questions about how our Pest Control company operates! Find your answers here.

Here Are Some Common Questions:

What can I expect to happen during my pest control service?

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Will I still see pests after my first treatment?

Following service it is common to see pests one to two weeks after treatment. Even after your original infestation has been eliminated,
pests living outdoors will continue to try to enter the home. Therefore an occasional pest may be seen between regular seasonal
maintenance treatments. If you have more than an occasional sighting of pests inside, please call us and we will happily return with a solution
at no additional cost.

Are your pesticides safe for children?

We offer the safest materials on the market, lower in toxicity than common household cleaning products. As an added safety
measure, we typically recommend that children and pets avoid contact with the materials until they have dried or dissipated, usually
within 15-30 minutes.

Why do I need ongoing pest treatment?

As with any pest control program, ongoing maintenance is necessary to ensure control and help prevent future infestations.
Pests will always continue to look for food, water and shelter – all of which can be provided by the interior of your home.
No matter how clean your house may be, the pests will enter. Therefore it is best to have a trusted professional provide seasonal
inspections and treatments to help keep pest populations at a minimum. Our pest specialists know which pests are active as the
seasons change, and which treatments will be most effective to protect your home throughout the year.